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  • Did you know that SAT is administered in 175 countries throughout the world?
  • Although high test scores won’t always get you in the top-ranking school, low scores will definitely keep you out.
  • Our ACT and SAT Tutors will give your student a head start on the exams, because
  • Russian Math has unique successful test-taking strategies and shortcuts to both
  • ACT and SAT math problems, which they don’t teach in American Schools.
  • Your student will finish the Math section while the other classmates are still sharpening their pencils!
  • Tutor will help the student administer the diagnostic test so that the tutor can identify their strengths & weaknesses. Learn More
  • After each session, we will provide you a detailed report, tracking your student’s progress and a target score on the tests.
  • We are so confident that our expert ACT/SAT trained tutors will help your student get a 24 or higher on the ACT and 650 or higher on the SAT Math Sections, that we will refund your money if they don’t. It is highly recommended that your student has ample time to prepare.
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Russian Math