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Unity Classes

Jul, 16 2024

  • Subject - Coding for Teens

  • Time Tue Jul 16, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM UTC

  • No. of Lessons - 10

  • Lesson Days - Tue Thu Fri

  • Total Seats - 4

  • Price - $250.00 ( $25.00 per lesson )

Course Details

Unity is a powerful and popular game engine that allows you to create and publish your own games for various platforms, such as PC, mobile, web, and console. Unity uses C#, a versatile and easy-to-learn programming language, to control the logic and behavior of your games. Unity also has a user-friendly interface that lets you design and edit your game scenes, assets, animations, sounds, and more. A Unity programming course for teens can teach you the fundamentals of game development using Unity. You will learn how to use the Unity editor, import and create assets, write scripts, add interactivity, implement physics, create UI elements, debug errors, and optimize performance. You will also learn how to use some of the built-in features and tools of Unity, such as the Animator, the Particle System, the Audio Mixer, and the Tilemap. You will also learn how to export and publish your games to different platforms. A Unity programming course for teens can also help you develop your creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. You will have the opportunity to design and create your own games from scratch or modify existing ones. You will also have the chance to work with other students and instructors on group projects and feedback sessions. You will also learn how to use online resources and communities to improve your skills and knowledge.

We will learn C#- one of the best programming languages, along with Unity and will investigate the world of 2D and 3D games with a small project
What we will learn?
  • variables
  • conditionals
  • loops
  • functions
  • classes
  • basics of OOP
  • Unity
  • interface
  • animations
  • 2D world
  • 3D world
  • how to move an object
  • sprites, assets
  • life points
  • how to create worlds
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    Mariam Mashuryan

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