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Mental Math Magic

Combining Mental Arithmetic with Russian Math Algebra!
Classic Mental Arithmetic with Abacus does not teach the student the power of approximations, common non-decimal fractions or basic algebraic manipulations which, in many cases, can be even more powerful than Mental Arithmetic, alone, in ensuring future success in mathematics and calculations. In fact, many students who only learn Abacus Math, actually have difficulties in school when they start learning algebra and higher mathematics. These students, often, tend not to listen to their teachers, as their teachers often confuse them with alternative methods of calculations.

Therefore, it is imperative that students learn all these techniques, together, in finding the most optimal approach to fast calculations. Only our proprietary program combines the Fast Russian Math Algebra rules with Mental Arithmetic using the Soroban Abacus. Students learn how to manipulate numbers, operators and find the most optimal algebraic algorithms using both Russian Math Algebra and Mental Arithmetic Techniques. This program is only available with the Russian Math – trained tutors.

Your Child Deserves The Best Math Education.
But it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!
  • Kids will improve Focus, Concentration & Memory.
  • Learn how to perform complex calculations without a calculator.
  • Builds Confidence and Self Esteem.
  • Develops photographic memory.
  • Improves Listening Skills.
  • Improves Decision Making.
  • Learn addition & subtraction in a few weeks, multiplication & division in a few months.
  • Even learn how to calculate square roots in your mind.
  • High-speed arithmetic calculations increase the amount & speed of memory.​
  • Mental Arithmetic is a course aimed at developing the two hemispheres of the brain harmoniously.
  • Mental Arithmetic upgrades mental capacity by developing the inter-hemispheric connections.
  • In class, we will be using an online application, which will facilitate making complex calculations literally at cosmic speeds.
  • Learn through verbal counting, which will make thinking more systematic, substantive and precise.
  • Bi-hemispheric thinking will allow you to develop creativity.
Russian Math