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Our Activity-Based Learning Methodology will empower your child to adapt to the fast-changing world of tomorrow.


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At Russian Math Tutors, although our tutors are experienced and knowledgeable, their job doesn't end with just explaining the subject to the student:

rather, they are the coaches and guides for the children; they encourage, inspire and motivate our students as they discover for themselves how to "do math" and why it's so important.


The most advanced math program and experienced tutors who have been trained to teach it.

Our state-of-the-art video conferencing platform and learning technologies enhance the process of giving your children the "Best Math Education" available.


Russian Math Tutors is an online tutoring company founded in Silicon Valley, California, in February 2020. It was started by Alexander Kolchinsky, an entrepreneur, a software developer, and a part-time tutor, in response to the need for our communities to have top-quality online math tutoring at an affordable price.

Kolchinsky (founder)

Kolchinsky, who immigrated to the U.S. from the Soviet Union in 1974, was deeply interested in Soviet math education methods. Aiming to bridge the gap, he envisioned bringing this approach to American students in primary and secondary schools.

Leveraging the latest Learning Management System (LMS) technologies, Kolchinsky built upon the foundation of the Yo!Coach platform. He significantly enhanced the platform by introducing features like scheduling multiple classes, recording lesson videos, and integrating a marketing funnel.



Pure Russian Math Program

RMT has been instrumental in helping hundreds of K-12 students gain deep knowledge and appreciation for mathematics, which is necessary for success in STEM subjects. Russian Math Tutors is the only school in the US that has adapted a "Pure Russian Math Program" to the US standard. This program was developed in Russia and the Soviet Union over the last 50 years and is currently taught to 1.4 million students worldwide. Now, thanks to RMT, it's finally available in the US!

How does it work?


 We put most of our resources into mathematics. That's why we are here: we believe that mathematics is truly the "Queen of the Sciences." Our program and training ensure that every one of our teachers meets the same high standard, so a student is not disadvantaged by choosing the wrong teacher. While individual prices may vary, you can rest assured that every one of our teachers will follow the program and adhere to the highest educational standards.


 We keep the overhead costs down. While other schools spend lots of money on marketing and advertising, we believe that our programs are so good that they can attract customers by word-of-mouth alone. That's why we spend most of our budget on constantly improving our programs and recruiting the best teaching talent. This allows us to keep our program affordable without compromising quality.


 Finally, to attract and keep the best talent, we let our teachers keep most of the money their students pay in tuition. In fact, for our group classes, the teacher makes proportionally more with every student in the class. Most other schools fill up their class roster with as many students as possible and only pay the teacher a set fee; we recognize that our teachers are doing a demanding job, and we like them to know that we appreciate what they do. The best way to do that is by paying them well.

The best math program and materials combined with the best tutors are a recipe for success, and we believe that with our approach, we can help your child grow, advance in their math education, and fulfill their true potential.


If you want your child to learn math — to really learn math — you've come to the right place.


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