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Teach Math and other STEM subjects to students in English

  • Advanced Russian Math Slides/Homework/LMS available as learning resources
  • A steady stream of new students
  • Smart calendar with Google Calendar Synchronization
  • Interactive virtual classroom
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Training webinars
  • Supportive tutor community

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Questions? We Have Answers!

Can a teacher cancel or reschedule a lesson to a different time or open an issue with the lesson?

There are two ways a teacher can schedule or reschedule a lesson:

  1. "Unschedule" the lesson and request the student to reschedule it.
  2. Schedule/reschedule the lesson after confirming with the student using the built-in messenger.
           The teacher also has the option of canceling the lesson.  
 You will see two buttons on the lesson card. The left one is for "Unschedule" and notifying the student and the right one is for "Scheduling/Rescheduling."
In summary, the teacher has four options to change the state of the lesson. The only way for the teacher to get paid is to complete the lesson, provided that the student doesn't open an issue within 48 hours. In all the remaining cases (2-4), the teacher won't get paid for the past lesson. Here is a summary of all the actions:
1. Complete/End the lesson any time after the lesson start time: The teacher will get paid after 48 hours if the student doesn't open an issue.

2. Cancel an uncompleted or expired lesson: The teacher doesn't get paid in this case, and the student receives money refunded to their wallet. Note that if the student bought a bulk package or the teacher raised the price, they will not be able to repurchase the lesson at the price they initially paid for it, so use this option sparingly.
3. Schedule the lesson: Don't use this option, unless you know exactly when the student wants to have makeup.
4. Request for reschedule: This is the recommended option to use for most cases. Let the student decide when they want to have makeup or use this lesson for another time.
Also, if the lesson time has passed, the student can no longer reschedule or cancel the lesson. In that case, the student would need to open an issue with the lesson, which the teacher needs to resolve. Lessons with reported issues can be viewed using the "ISSUE REPORTED" tab in the Lessons list.
To resolve an issue, click the "Issue Details" button on the lesson card and select the resolution type in the dialog.
Step 1. Click the "Resolve Issue" Button to Resolve the Issue.
 Step 2. Select Resolution Type. We recommend "Reset and Unschedule Lesson."
Once the issue is resolved in favor of the student, the student will be able to reschedule that lesson. 

When should the teacher prepare the homework for the student?

Student lesson plans (also known as homework) should be prepared before or after the lesson. Please do not prepare the homework a whole day after completing the lesson, as many of our parents have already complained about this. It is easy to organize homework, download the BYOM slides, create a pdf file and attach the pdf to the homework (do not attach the original pptx since it has solutions in it). Also, in the homework description, please indicate the task numbers you designate as homework.
Follow the below steps to upload the pdf and assign the homework to the lesson:

 Step 1. Add Homework to Lesson

Step 2. Click "Add New Homework"

Step 3. Click "Add New Homework" to add homework entry.

Step 4. After filling out required fields, attach local file to homework form.

Step 5. Finally, assign homework to the lesson.

After answering all the questions on the homework form and attaching the pdf file, you need to assign the homework to the lesson. Once this is done, an email will automatically be sent to the student. The email will instruct the student to complete the homework and either upload it to the messenger or ask the teacher to take a screenshot of the homework during the lesson.
When snapping the screenshot of the homework during the lesson, please follow these instructions:
- fullscreen the student's video
- wait a few seconds for quality to improve
- take a screenshot
- un-fullscreen the video
- upload the screenshot to the whiteboard

I will be going on vacation. How do I remove myself from the listing?

If you want to go on vacation, just remove all the slots on the "Weekly Availability" calendar for the days or weeks you will be gone.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

You may withdraw your earnings once every seven days through the Wallet feature in your account upon reaching a minimum of US$80. All withdrawals are denominated in US Dollars (rates for other currencies shown are for reference only and they are subjected to foreign exchange volatility). 

We use either or to remit payments to your account. If you are receiving in a currency other than US dollars, it will be converted at OFX current spot price and you may incur a fee for receiving money. 
Processing time is 1-4 working days.
PS - Self-topping up to reach US$80 is not permitted.

Can I keep my current rates for students before I change my prices?

Yes, simply go to "Students" in your tutor account 

and toggle the lock icon beside their names.
Key in the offer percentage you would like to charge the student to lock in the prices. Click the lock icon again if you wish to unlock.

How do I allow students to book a lesson immediately?

Tutors have the option of allowing students to book a lesson immediately or to give a notice of at least 6, 12 or 24 hours before the scheduled time. 

To make a change, simply go to your "Account Settings" screen and choose one of the options available. Remember to click on the Save button.


My schedule is all booked and I can't take any new students. How can I remove myself from the Teacher's List?

If you no longer want to take any new students, but you still want your existing students to schedule future lessons with you, just toggle the "Hide in Teacher's List" switch to "ON" position. This switch can be found at the bottom section of the "Account Settings" screen:

Why is my tutor account deactivated?

Below are a few reasons, but not limited to, a tutor having his/her account deactivated.
1) You were not contactable. We will remove tutors who are not contactable or not replying to emails and/or messages. Please ensure that you are able to receive emails from RMT by adding [email protected] to your email account safelist.
2) You have not provided documents to prove your education credentials. We require documentary proof of your educational background as part of our tutor verification process.
3) You attempted to accept payment directly from learners. As per RMT's terms and conditions, any tutor who collects payments from learners will not be listed.
4) You have not provided a profile photo or you have uploaded an inappropriate photo. We hope students are able to match a face to their tutors before contacting them. Use a casual smiling photo of yourself. If your account is deactivated because of this problem, please contact us with a proper photo.
5) Your behavior during the lesson was unbecoming of an educator. All tutors are expected to be punctual, professional, and polite to their students. Any absence from a lesson must be communicated to your student. Should claims from a student constitute criminal activities, RMT will not hesitate to report to your local authority for investigation. RMT reserves the right to forfeit any earnings to refund students.

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