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Russian Math
About Us

Russian Math Tutors is an online tutoring company in the Silicon Valley, California, started by an entrepreneur and a part-time tutor, in response to the need for our communities to have a top-quality Online Mathematics & STEM tutoring at an affordable price.

Since then, RMT was instrumental in helping K-12 students gain the necessary knowledge and the appreciation for STEM subjects. Russian Math Tutors is the only school in the US, which adapted a “Pure Russian Math Program” to the US standard. This program was developed in Russia over 20 years ago and taught to 1.4 million students throughout the world. Now it’s finally here in the US!

Russian Math
Our Services

We Offer Premium Service at an Affordable Price!
Every tutor who we match for your student has a proven record to help your student succeed.

1-1 Online Math Tutoring

5 different curriculums to choose from


Math Olympiad Classes

Enroll your child in our classes and ensure better chances to top grade schools!


Mental Math Magic

Custom proprietary program combines the Fast Russian Math Algebra rules with Mental Arithmetic using the Soroban Abacus


College Test Preparation

Give your student a head-start on the exams, with Russian Math unique successful test-taking strategies & shortcuts to both ACT & SAT math problems


Group Coding Classes

Whether it’s MIT Scratch or Machine Learning, our tutors will give your students the right skills to start developing their own aps and websites


Russian Math
What Our Students Have to Say

Alexander helped explain the solution to a differential equation using Laplace Transforms. I used this solution in my PhD thesis to describe a predator-prey interaction model.

Kelvin Black From Dallas, USA

My son Frank passed his Calculus midterm in the 10th grade, all thanks to Leonid from the Russian Math Club.

Frank M. Cameron From Michigan, USA

Andrea never considered math as her favorite subject. But, now, after being tutored by Samuel, she is ready to tutor math to all her friends in high school.

Andrea Santos From Los Angeles, USA

Russian Math
Our Agenda

When it comes to Mathematics or any other STEM field, like physics, chemistry, biology and computer science, we at RMT always strive to help every student realize their maximum potential in the self-directed learning process.

We emphasize the personal, one-on-one setting, where the Tutor plays the role of a coach who nurtures the student’s quest for learning. All our tutors understand this concept as they teach and encourage their students to solve problems on their own and reach out to their teachers and counselors at school.

Russian Math
Why Us

Actionable Learning Strategy

Learn new math concepts and learn how to apply them to real world problems.


ACT/SAT & AP Test Prep

Sign up now and get a 650 or higher score on the SAT Math in August 2020, or we will refund your money. Guaranteed!


Prepare for the Math Olympiad

Our tutors have received Gold & Bronze Medals in the IMO, as well as Gold Medals in the All-Russia competition.

Russian Math
Join Many Successful Students Today!

Abstract models are a big part of analytical thinking, but our goal is to interest the student, first, by showing them that math can be fun, when it is used to solve real-world problems. This is, especially, important to children at an earlier age.