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Our tutors have received Gold & Bronze Medals in the IMO (International Math Olympiad), as well as Gold Medals in the All-Russia competition.

About Us

Russian Math Tutors is an online tutoring company in the Silicon Valley, California, started by an entrepreneur and a part-time tutor, in response to the need for our communities to have a top-quality Online Mathematics & STEM tutoring at an affordable price. Since then, RMT was instrumental in helping K-12 students gain the necessary knowledge and the appreciation for STEM subjects. To achieve this, RMT only hires the best tutors in the United States and throughout the world to tutor our students. In the process, we select tutors who attain a C2 level of English and have more than 3 years’ experience tutoring Math and other STEM subjects. We also hire certified tutors in the US, and train them on our program. In combination, we spend most of our time interviewing candidates and only hire about 5% of those who apply. This means that every tutor who we match for your student has a proven record to help your student succeed.

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Our Agenda

When it comes to Mathematics or any other STEM field, like physics, chemistry, biology and computer science, we at RMT always strive to help every student realize their maximum potential in the self-directed learning process. We emphasize the personal, one-on-one setting, where the Tutor plays the role of a coach who nurtures the student's quest for learning. All our tutors understand this concept as they teach and encourage their students to solve problems on their own and reach out to their teachers and counselors at school. Of course, we also believe, that, without having the toolkit of knowledge, the learning process can never be propelled forward. This is why our tutor screening and qualification process is so rigorous and selective.

The reason why most children do not like or appreciate math, today, is that they don't see its application to real world problems. This is why we always start with the applications and demonstrate to the student that math is not just about abstractions, theorems and formulas.

Russian Math Improves Analytical Thinking and Concentration

Abstract thinking mostly develops as people grow and mature. Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget explained how children’s thinking abilities change as they get older. According to Piaget, when children grow from the age of 7 to about the age of 11, they develop the skills for more logical and methodical manipulation of symbols. They become less self-centered, and more aware of the events in the outside world. Consequently, from adolescence to adulthood, children start to use symbols to relate to abstract concepts, as they are able to make hypotheses and grasp abstract concepts and relationships. Abstract models are a big part of analytical thinking, but our goal is to interest the student, first, by showing them that math can be fun, when it is used to solve real-world problems. This is, especially, important to children at an earlier age. With this in mind, we have hired tutors who are not just mathematicians. They also have strong backgrounds in physics, chemistry and other STEM subjects. But, first, and foremost, they are all psychologists, working with each child as they help him along the road to strategic thinking. As they introduce the child to the world of mathematics, they work to customize each lessons to the child's needs and interests. Furthermore, our tutors are very experienced and knowledgeable, but, for the children, they are their coaches who inspire and empower them to an independent, actionable appreciation of the subject.

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