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BYOM Program

BYOM Program For Tomorrow's Fast-Paced Learning

2022-12-26 |    0

It is widely believed that parents and teachers try to pass on to their children the needed knowledge and skills to ensure their success in their personal and professional lives. Until recent times this approach worked, but now, everything has changed. The paradox is that today we are still trying to understand what knowledge and skills will be in demand 10-15 years from now. However, we can say only one thing with certainty: the essential condition for success is the ability to learn.

Can the skill of lifelong learning be taught to children?

Suppose it can, then, from what age, and isn't it the case that the ability to learn must be taught by a fundamental, systemic approach, starting from preschool? Even the most outstanding textbook in the world cannot achieve this. What is needed is a holistic set of tools and a mature, developed system that will allow the child to move from their natural curiosity toward the conscious ability to learn.

Enter the BYOM system, which introduces a unique mechanism that prepares the child for a rapidly changing environment. This program embraces an individual dynamic of helping the child first gain experience in overcoming difficulties and then, in school, master ways to solve any problem and give the child the opportunity to learn an entirely new concept in math independently.

To develop this strong mindset in students, we use the author's course in mathematics.

But, we teach them not only mathematics but also how to learn. This begins in Kindergarten, where the children first learn how to play, and continues with elementary and middle school, where we improve the efficacy of the self-motivated learning process. Here, the children are also immersed in the world of activity, where they acquire essential skills by working effectively in teams, take joy in learning, learn how to find their calling and become the authors of their own lives.

We introduce built-in monitoring for schoolchildren and preschoolers to track the child's development dynamics. To master the use of all these teaching tools in working with children, our teachers are trained on a multi-level training platform.

The effectiveness of this platform is confirmed by many Education Quality Studies and the successes and achievements of our students, of whom we are very proud.

Why do these tools work?

They work because they are all components of one system based on a single "scientific theory of learning" under the guidance of Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor Academician Lyudmila Georgievna Peterson. Lyudmila Peterson's program (or BYOM) has been tested for many years in various Eastern European countries and has the top track record based on the successes of thousands of children and from reviews of teachers and parents. More than one and a half million schoolchildren in Eastern Europe learn from the Peterson system. Parents who choose our program look to the future and are not indifferent to giving the best education to their children. These parents desire to partner with us in continuously learning and teaching this system to their children. 

Join the BYOM program. It is a lot more than just math!

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