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BYOM Program

BYOM Program For Tomorrow's Fast-Paced Learning

2022-12-26 |    0


The Value of Lifelong Learning for Children

Parents and teachers aim to equip children with skills for success in life and work. This approach was effective in the past. Yet today's rapidly changing world has altered the situation. We are uncertain about the future's skill demands. However, one thing is clear: the ability to learn is crucial for success.

Teaching Lifelong Learning

But can we teach lifelong learning? And from what age? It's vital to start early, even in preschool. Simply having the best textbook isn't enough. Children need a holistic approach to move from curiosity to conscious learning.

The BYOM System

Introducing the BYOM system, a method that prepares children for change. This system values personal growth by encouraging problem-solving skills. First, children learn to overcome challenges. Then, in school, they tackle problems with confidence. This enables them to grasp new math concepts on their own.

To instill this mindset, we offer a unique math course starting in Kindergarten. Children first play, then transition to self-motivated learning in elementary and middle school. They develop teamwork skills and find joy in learning. They also discover and pursue their interests.

Monitoring and Training

We provide built-in monitoring for children and teachers to track progress. Our teachers are extensively trained to support students effectively. This training method has been proven effective through educational quality studies and student achievements.

The BYOM Program's Success

The BYOM program is grounded in the "scientific theory of learning." Led by Dr. Lyudmila Georgievna Peterson, it's been extensively tested in Eastern Europe. Thousands of children, along with teachers and parents, have praised its success. Over 1.5 million Eastern European students benefit from the Peterson system. These parents are committed to their children's education and eager to learn and teach the system themselves.

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