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BYOM Program

BYOM Program Q&A

2022-11-28 |    0

What is the essence of our BYOM program?

RMT maintains the tradition of Soviet Math

The Soviet Union had an achievement. They took math and math education seriously. They earned a well-deserved reputation for having some of the world's best mathematicians.

At RMT, we have always strived to maintain the tradition of Soviet Math. That's why we use the original Russian Math Curriculum in our programs. The name of our program is BYOM, which stands for "Build Your Own Math." Actually, BYOM is Russian Math. Only, it's not the "Russian Math" that parents in the U.S. usually think of when they hear those words.

American Parents Demand Better Quality of Math Education

In the U.S., "Russian Mathematics" is not the renowned program that produced many top mathematicians. It has been diluted over the past 20 years by other math traditions. Now, it closely resembles U.S./UK math curriculums. The original "Soviet Math" influence is minimal. In Russia, school programs have faced similar changes. As a result, many parents turn to after-school programs like Russian Math Tutors. These programs offer more freedom. Teachers can choose what to teach and design programs that best suit their students.

Russian Math Tutors Meets the Challenge of American Parents

Our program BYOM brings U.S. students the genuine "Russian Math," first conceived by great Soviet Educators like Andrey Kiselev and Georgy Dorofeev. BYOM is one of the most advanced programs used as the primary program for extra-curricular math. It was developed over 50 years ago by the top Soviet and Russian mathematicians who sent the first man into space!

One of these mathematicians is Lyudmila Georgievna Peterson, who developed the "Build Your Own Math" program.

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Who is L. G. Peterson, and what is the essence of her system?

A Methodologist and Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Lyudmila Georgievna Peterson is a methodologist and doctor of pedagogical sciences. She was born in 1950. Since 1975, she worked with Soviet mathematicians like Naum Vilenkin and Georgy Dorofeev. Together, they created a unique math curriculum. It starts for three-year-olds and goes up to ninth graders. By the 1990s, this method had spread to kindergartens and schools.

Empower Kids to Master Math Through Self-Discovery

The Peterson system is different from traditional methods. It believes children should learn math by themselves. There's no standard routine. Instead of memorizing steps and taking tests, students face a tough task. They must develop their ideas and solutions. With a teacher's guidance, they rediscover math principles. This method is effective. It teaches problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. Students feel proud of their achievements. Their self-discovered knowledge is hard to forget. How does it work?

Not a Student For Mathematics, But Mathematics For a Student

In a traditional school, multiplication works like this: the teacher writes an expression, for example, 5 + 5 + 5. Then he says it can be written more simply, introduces a new sign (the multiplication sign), and explains the rules.

The Peterson system works quite differently: "A school has 856 students. The school decided to buy each student a book for 120 dollars as a holiday gift. How much does the purchase cost?" Students try to write 120 + 120 + 120 ... but quickly see that this won't work. It's too slow. They need to find another way to write an expression with many identical terms. They search alone for a better way. They eventually reinvented multiplication. The principle is "not a student for mathematics, but mathematics for a student" works. The child not only masters the school curriculum but develops the ability to think for themselves.

Another example of BYOM Activity, is the approach of tackling the problem from both angles, simultaneously, coupled with the introspection by the student on how the problem was solved.

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It sounds simple, but what about the results? How do students who learn this way compare to those who studied mathematics the traditional way?

According to statistics from the Center "School 2000," it trains teachers to use the Peterson method. Children taught this way show good results on final exams. For fourth-graders, the success rates were from 82% to 100%. For school children who took the standardized test, 71% to 85% scored above average. Many participants in Math Olympiads at various levels studied in elementary or high school using Peterson's textbooks. For example, more than half of its members studied in a Peterson program on the Russian National Math Team.

Is this system just for gifted children? Is Russian Math hard? What if my child has average abilities?

The Peterson program is often used in math schools or classes. But, the author is sure that it is suitable for everyone. Such developmental activities are even more critical for children who do not show exceptional innate talent in mathematics. Those considered lagging in traditional programs often level out and become strong. Students are presented with tasks up to the most difficult but only required to achieve a certain minimum, acceptable level. Gifted students can handle more work to master the subject. But, everyone at least reaches a reasonable minimum.

What do parents say?

If the technique is followed, it is not difficult for children —they are fascinated by it. Children often find their Russian Math Homework more exciting and enjoyable than other subjects.


In regular fifth-grade classes, some teachers struggle with students from the Russian Math BYOM system. These students already know the material.

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This system prioritizes understanding over memorization. It allows kids to explore math deeply and see its beauty. Traditionally, math and music were connected. However, most modern students never hear math in musical terms. But students in the BYOM program can.

The emphasis in the program is on logic and the development of abstract thinking, which will be helpful in life even beyond STEM. Skilled kids can participate in [Olympiads](http://russianmathtutors.com/teachers/languages/olympiads). They can study at top schools and technical universities. These are not open to the less experienced.

Finally, if a student forgets the solution algorithm in the traditional system, he fails the task. According to Peterson, those who study know how to create algorithms and deduce the formulas on their own. This is not just about mathematics. It is all about understanding and learning to think for themselves, possibly the most valuable life skill a person can have.

Can I get samples of some of your lessons and materials?

Yes, we are keeping with tradition. We aim to provide as much transparency as possible to our students and parents. So, we have published our workbooks as ebooks and PDFs.You can download them all from our Russian Math Books Library. However, we haven't published the Russian Math Homework Answers in our ebooks. This was done intentionally to follow the spirit of teaching kids how to "Face Life's Difficulties."

Why don't other schools in the US teach this program?

In the United States, institutions like the "Russian School of Math" claim to teach "Russian Math." However, they are large state-mandated entities. They must meet standards like WASC and the Common Core Initiative. These standards mix "Russian Math" with American methods. This blending dilutes the core of "Russian Math" and weakens its curriculum.

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Does Russian Math help a child succeed in the traditional US Math program or Common Core?

Russian Math fits the US math program. It boosts problem-solving and creativity. Yet, balance is key. Students must meet grade standards. RMT helps. Our teachers introduce "Common Core" tasks. They use various problem-solving methods.

How Much Does Russian Math Cost?

Our prices are very competitive, especially when compared to other "Elite Math" programs such as RSM or Singapore Math. Prices are different for each tutor, but, on average, Russian Math costs about $30/hour for private lessons and $18/hour for small group lessons. Sometimes, we offer major promotions, like the $97 Summer Camp promotion for 12 classes during June-August months.


BYOM, or "Build Your Own Math," is a program that brings genuine Soviet math education to U.S. students. The program, developed by Lyudmila Georgievna Peterson, emphasizes independent thinking, problem-solving, and critical reasoning. Students engage in challenging tasks that encourage them to discover mathematical principles independently. The results have been promising, with high success rates in exams and Math Olympiads. BYOM is suitable for all students and develops valuable life skills beyond mathematics. It offers a unique approach that nurtures independent thinking and prepares students for academic success.

If you would like to download our BYOM Math Books and use them to teach your kids math, you are welcome to join our Free Ebooks Club, today


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