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BYOM Review

US Computer Engineer Reviews the BYOM Program

2022-11-28 |    0

I've been asked to share my thoughts on the Russian Math Tutoring program, and let me tell you straight away: it's way better than how I learned math.

About Me

Let me give you some background so you can decide if I'm worth listening to or just another voice on the internet. I'm 48 years old and hold a degree in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University. My peers from both college and work always saw me as "good at math." I attended a typical American public school.

My Experience with Math Education

You might think my American public school education taught me well, but the truth is, it didn't. I struggled with math until I took matters into my own hands in high school. It was a tough journey, from being bad at math to finally getting the hang of it.

Fast forward to my freelance editing days when Russian Math Tutors approached me. Reviewing their materials opened my eyes to a new way of teaching math that resonated with me, unlike the traditional methods I struggled with in school.

BYOM Program Highlights

In the BYOM Program, second graders delve into organizing numbers for problem-solving, exploring multiplication properties, and understanding set properties.

The BYOM program's approach just clicked with me. Unlike the school methods I found confusing, it mirrors how I tackle math mentally as an adult. Reviewing the BYOM materials makes me realize how much easier my math journey could have been with this logical and direct approach.


While I can't rewrite my past, if I had a school-age child, I'd choose the Russian way of teaching math without a second thought. It's simply a superior system.




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