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BYOM Program

What Sets RMT’s Program Apart from Other Russian Math Programs?

By Guest
2022-03-14 |    0

Tutors provide online math tutoring services using our renowned BYOM program. Students find the best math tutors online according to their specific needs and choose to learn utilizing our BYOM program, which lets them build their math.

Among the various courses, we offer Russian/Soviet math, IB math, pre-algebra, Vedic math, star math, Singapore math, calculus, finite model theory, chess, physics, geometry, Desmos art, trigonometry, chemistry, and more.

Our online platform also provides students with tutors for Olympiad competitions, including AMC 8/10/12, AIME, USAMO, USAJMO, IMO, MOEMS Olympiad, Math Olympiad, and Kangaroo Olympiad. Let’s discuss some important details about our programs to help you understand how they’re different.

They Are Award Winning

Our advanced Russian math program comes with high-quality soviet math education curriculums that your child won’t find in their school. At Russian Math Tutors, we have some of the best tutors from across the world brought on board using interactive techniques and technologies.

Through these, they can deliver top-quality education and learning experiences. We also provide excellent high school and middle school math education that utilizes our LMS (Online Learning Management System).

Student Benefits

Whether students opt for group study or private study, they will significantly benefit from the BYOM program. Our BYOM program received the Russian Presidential Medal in 2000. Our experience and expertise have also helped us adopt the Pure Russian Math program in the US curriculum without being affected by modern math traditions.




E=mc^2 equation depicting mass-energy equivalence.


So, if a student is looking to learn Russian math, our program provides more decision and logic-driven math. Unlike traditional math, where students only learn formulas to pass exams, our program encourages the student to derive formulas and understand the methods of finding solutions. Nearly 1.4 million students have studied under the Russian Math Tutors’ BYOM program and have received numerous medals. These medals are from several globally recognized competitions, accepted in some of the world’s top universities.