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Russian Maths 5th Grade

Jun, 25 2024

  • Subject - Russian Math

  • Time Tue Jun 25, 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM UTC

  • No. of Lessons - 20

  • Lesson Days - Mon Thu

  • Total Seats - 4

  • Price - $400.00

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Students will solve real-world problems and gain experience in applying mathematical knowledge to problem-solving. Here, they will practice performing arithmetic operations with numbers orally and in writing, transforming simple algebraic expressions, solving word problems, recognizing and drawing geometric shapes, following given algorithms, and constructing their own. Students will engage with diagrams, tables, charts, and graphs, examining and interpreting data while developing effective communication skills in mathematics:

  1. Writing, reading, and composing expressions.
  2. Mathematical modeling with word problems.
  3. Math nomenclature, Prime Numbers, Divisibility Rules.

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