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BYOM Lesson Workbooks

BYOM 6th Grade Workbook

2023-07-05 |    0

The implementation of the activity-based teaching method in the course allows for the organization of full-fledged mathematical activities of students in studying all sections of the course, including the acquisition of new knowledge, its transformation, and application, encompassing all three stages of mathematical modeling. These stages are:

  1. The stage of mathematizing reality, that is, constructing a mathematical model of a certain fragment of reality.
  2. The stage of studying the mathematical model, that is, constructing a mathematical theory that describes the properties of the constructed model.
  3. The stage of applying the obtained results to the real world.

In the process of constructing mathematical models, students learn to apply mathematical knowledge to describe objects and processes in the surrounding world, explain the causes of phenomena, and assess their quantitative and spatial relationships.

During the stage of studying the mathematical model, they acquire mathematical language, the basics of logical, algorithmic, and creative thinking. They learn to solve equations, explore and identify properties and relationships, visually represent the obtained data, and record and perform algorithms.

Furthermore, during the stage of applying the obtained results to the real world, students gain experience in applying mathematical knowledge to problem-solving. Here, they practice performing arithmetic operations with numbers orally and in writing, transforming simple algebraic expressions, solving word problems, recognizing and drawing geometric shapes, following given algorithms, and constructing their own. Students work with diagrams and tables, charts and graphs, analyze and interpret data, and acquire proficient mathematical communication skills.

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