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How do new students get started?

To get started on the platform as a student:
  1. Register with your email account and verify it by clicking the link sent on their email address.
  2. After the verification, you can log in and set up your profile like picture, phone number, country, timezone, etc.
  3. Students can then search for the teachers as per their requirements by entering the subject, availability and other filter criteria.

After selecting the teachers, students can book a free trial session with the teacher to have a better understanding of the teacher and see if you both can work together. Past that, you can select a teacher that suits you and continue with your classes. Lessons can be booked as single lesson or repeat lessons.

What are the trial sessions? How can students schedule trial sessions?

Trial sessions are the initial meetings between the teachers and students as a way of exchanging introductions. Teachers give a brief teaching demonstration so that both of them can decide whether working together is a good fit. Trial sessions last for 30 minutes and are free of cost. You can book the trial lessons by:
  1. Finding a teacher you want to book a trial with.
  2. On their detailed information page you will see a 'Book Free Trial' button.
  3. Clicking the 'Book Free Trial' button will open the teacher's availability calendar. There, you can select the date and time for your trial sessions.
  4. Click 'Book Lesson' which will redirect you to the checkout page. There, you have to 'Confirm Order'.
Your trial lesson is then booked. The system allows each learner to take one trial lesson per teacher.

How can students schedule a lesson?

To schedule a lesson:
  1. Sign in to the account.
  2. Go to " Teachers" which will open a list of teachers registered on the portal.
  3. Select a teacher with whom you want to schedule a lesson and go to his/her profile.
  4. Students can now either book a free trial session or purchase a lesson.
  5. Booking a free trial will open the availability calendar of the teacher.
  6. Students can then select a date and time from the calendar and confirm the booking.
  7. To purchase a lesson, students are required to make the payment, and further schedule the lesson as per the availability of the teacher.

Can the teachers and students check the scheduled lessons as per their time zones?

Yes, teachers and students can see the scheduled lessons as per their time zones, simplifying the problem for teachers and students located in different time zones. To change the time zone, go to "Settings" and select your "Time Zone".

How big are the group classes?

Our group classes are very small, typically only 2-4 students per class. Our classes are not lecture halls where the teacher lectures to a class of 15-20 students. On the contrary, the teacher is there to gather feedback from the student, monitor their progress and guide the child in providing the necessary hints. We believe that this is the only effective way to learn.

Is there any feature to record audio and video?

Yes, the RMT platform records every lesson and makes it available to both learners and teachers.

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