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What if I don't get the verification email?

All RMT users have to verify their email addresses. If you did not receive the verification email from our system, please try to log in and request for one to be resent. Sometimes the email can be found in your spam/junk folder.  Do contact us if you continue to have trouble verifying your account.

Can I pass a phone number of an email to my tutor/student?

No, we do not recommend giving your personal information to your tutor/learner. For your security and privacy, the RMT platform will block sensitive information in messages. You will see BLOCKED in places where phone numbers, URLs, or emails are sent. 

Will I get notification emails with classroom links before the lesson?

Yes, tutors and students will receive emails whenever there is a message posted through the RMT Messenger or lesson purchases, bookings, or changes. Booking reminders will include a button that will navigate the student to the correct lesson room. Please include [email protected] in your email safelist to ensure you receive the emails in your inbox.

Can the teachers and students check the scheduled lessons as per their time zones?

Yes, teachers and students can see the scheduled lessons per their time zones, simplifying the problem for teachers and students in different time zones. When your first register, the portal will check your timezone from your browser and set the value in the Account Settings. However, if you are traveling or using a VPN, this value may not be set correctly set and would need to be verified. To change the time zone, go to the "Timezone" setting in the Account Settings screen and click the "Save Changes" button:

How big are the group classes?

Our group classes are minimal, typically only 2-4 students per class. Our courses are not lecture halls where the teacher talks to a class of 15-20 students. On the contrary, the teacher is there to gather feedback from the student, monitor their progress, and guide the child in providing the necessary hints. We believe that this is the only effective way to learn.

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