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Russian Math 1st Grade

Jun, 18 2024

  • Subject - Russian Math

  • Time Tue Jun 18, 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM UTC

  • No. of Lessons - 12

  • Lesson Days - Mon Tue Wed

  • Total Seats - 5

  • Price - $200.00 ( $16.67 per lesson )

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12 sessions of the "Build Your Own Math" program to build the fundamentals for the youngster to start learning mathematics in an academic environment. This program focuses on promoting independent thinking. As a result, students will gather a skillset that allows them to find the best approach for any given problem. During each session, each student will be independently encouraged to participate, discuss, and solve a set of questions specifically designed for their level. Some of the topics that will be covered during these 12 sessions include: Geometry, Working with Variables, Arithmetics, Writing, Reading, And also Riddles and Mathematical Games!

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