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Hourly Rate: $30.00 - $30.00
Teaches: ACT English, Biology, Chemistry, Common Core Math, English, GRE Writing , Pre Algebra, SAT English
Multi-talented math, science and language teacher!

Chemistry, math, ESL, and Spanish are my life. I love them and want you to share in that love as well. I have work experience as an SAT instructor for math and English and 31 chemistry credits from my college. I've passed the FTCE chemistry exam for the state of Florida to be certified to teach it and the Texas exam to teach it. I have tutored for five years and plan to do it for life. I am also a math teacher, so I know that subject too. My goal is to one day teach chemistry and possibly become a real chemist. I might also become an ESL teacher if possible. I work in the field of education and have experience as a lab technician as well, so I believe that anyone who wants help deserves help in a school or to work in a lab, and with patience, effort, and dedication, they can achieve their goals. I try to make chemistry seem very easy and understandable in layman's terms. To succeed in chemistry, you will get an A if you know the math tricks and can memorize them. You will definitely. It's ONE of the easiest subjects, and I will ensure you understand it so well that you'll NEVER have difficulty with it again.

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