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The History of Russian Math

2023-03-24 |    0



Russian Mathematics has been a key influence in global math, alongside Chinese, Indian, Singaporean, and European contributions. Its impact peaked in the 1950s to 70s, as students worldwide studied from Russian textbooks and methods.

The "Math Culture" in Russia dates back many years. It began with the popular 1913 book "Physics for Entertainment," which became a bestseller in the 1930s. Despite being out of print, the book, filled with puzzles, stories, and quirky comparisons, has inspired many. One notable figure is Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman, who solved the Poincaré conjecture and won the Fields Medal. His father, an engineer, gave him the book to spark his interest in math.

The book includes fun experiments from writers like Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Mark Twain. They are both entertaining and educational, making them ideal for physics lessons. Topics include "jumping from a moving car" and "buoyancy in the Dead Sea." Today, teachers still use their ideas.

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