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BYOM Program

Russian Math Revolutionizing the Educational Landscape in the U. S.

2023-06-07 |    0

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Russian mathematics is immensely popular for its rigorous approaches and emphasis on theoretical understanding and proof-based reasoning. Numerous math experts have made pioneering contributions to various areas of Russian mathematics and have achieved recognition for their work.

However, Russian math in the U.S. isn't found in its original form. It has been watered down over the years and is more like a modified version of the U.S. curriculum. It won't be incorrect to say that very little "authentic" Russian math is being taught today in America.

At Russian Math Tutors, our phenomenal methodological BYOM (Build Your Own Math) program brings the original Soviet Math to the U.S. students so they can realize their problem-solving capabilities and acquire essential skills. This program was originally founded by L. G. Peterson, a renowned Russian math teacher and Doctor of Pedagogy Sciences in Moscow. Her continuous course in mathematics and activity-based learning forms the basis of our BYOM program, and more than 50% of the top 500 schools in Russia use her textbooks.

Learning Math the Peterson Way!

Peterson's education system and textbooks allow kids to grasp new knowledge and discover their hidden talents. Her textbooks and concepts prepare kids to work carefully with whatever information may be available. Children get the opportunity of multi-level learning with activity-based teaching.

For over 20 years, her concepts have prepared many Math Olympiad medal winners in Russia and instilled positive changes in their personal development. She has published over 60 textbooks to help school-going kids excel in the subject and be successful individuals in everyday life.

Her textbooks are used in all types of schools in Russia. Peterson also offers a teacher package, and around 90% of the educators who pick up her program do not change it for any other.

What Makes It So Successful?

What makes the L. G. Peterson education system so successful? She believes that if you want to feed a person for life, don't give them a fish. Teach them how to fish. Courses written by L. G. Peterson have been designed to improve the modern education system, especially for first to eighth-graders. They also help teachers to teach even the most intricate concepts in incredible ways.

Proven Development

  • 30 years of proven development of unique concepts
  • Opens cognitive, communication, and value lines to learn how to learn
  • Allows teachers to teach students to learn
  • Kids grow a genuine interest in the difficult science of mathematics

Unique Methodology

  • Targets kids of different levels
  • Develops logical thinking.
  • Kids remain under professional guidance but discover new knowledge independently.
  • They learn not to rely on ready-made solutions and take pride in their discoveries.
  • Helps them move from simple to complex concepts from a young age.

Activity Method Teaching

  • Teachers learn with their students too.
  • Designed for kids between three and 13 years of age.
  • Teachings help way beyond the current age and atmosphere.
Her concepts help make the subject work for the student, not vice versa. The center, School 2000, reveals that students of 4th grade learning through her ways show a success rate of 82% to 100%. School kids who took a standard test also scored around 71% to 85%.

Peterson has established an unquestionable authority with her programs and teaching methodologies. Even the graduates of many pedagogical universities opt for retraining programs at her academy to adapt to the new-age teaching requirements while instilling positive changes in kids.

In traditional ways, if kids forget the algorithm, they may fail at the entire task. In Peterson's way of learning, it's up to kids to create the algorithm, think for themselves, and master a skill they can have for life.

Flower Girl

Would you like to book private or group online lessons?

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